about me

My name is Daniel Pawlowski, and I’m from Poland. I was born on 23.05.1989, in a city called Wloclawek. That is also the place I live and create my art. I am graduate of Department of Art, at The University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun.  I create and paint since I can remember. Parents very early recognized the growing passion and took me to one of the local art teachers, who insisted that I should develop my talent. As a child I went through all kinds of art such as wooden sculpture, clay, ceramics, all sorts of collages, drawing, pastels, watercolors and finally my beloved oil painting. Those days, when i was about 10 years old, I was already familiar with the whole process of creating a painting, from the stretching of canvas,  application of primer and oil paint. First painting I sold at the age of 15, and since then I painted them more and more, almost every day, focusing mainly on oil technique. Despite my young age I spent in front of the canvas thousands of  hours honing workshop with all kinds of portraits and reproductions, in the meantime trying to find myself. It wasn’t easy, because my family wasn’t a rich one. Not poor also, but I needed to work hard for almost everything I wanted. My “curse” became my blessing, because it made me to paint, paint and paint more than anyone at my age. 

few word about my art

I am very far from imposing interpretation or how to perceive my works. I think it’s a huge mistake try to solve, “what the author had in mind …”. The work becomes a true piece of art as  it is seen that way by the mind of viewer. When it’s born again inside of him. It creates a completely personal relationship between the work and the viewer. I think my painting does not have to be the same to me as it is to You. I’m here only as a person who opens the door, or twist a lock. Mystic keymaker, guarding worlds and the histories which he could not see himself. You open and You are entering.

I humbly invite:)


I truly would like my paintings were not something ordinary and simple to read. Whish for my silent figures, statues and sculptures to told theirs story and invite into their world. In each one I’m trying to hide something, some message.

I am inspired by classical sculpture and architecture, to which passion was born in college. In today’s world, everyone rush, often blindly, hardly anyone has the time to stop and look backward. To appreciate what we already have.

Who will we be, without the past ..?

Ancient sculptures and buildings, carefully designed, executed with attention to the smallest details, no longer find such an understanding and admiration they deserve. I try to breathe the new life into them, create their own individual world, a primal scene from which they were ripped and stuck in our reality of streets and museums.

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